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I Want a Drone; Where do I Buy it?

I hear this question a lot.  Especially from people who do not really know what a drone is or where to buy a drone. Recently, I was at a client’s job site filming using my Yuneec Typhoon H Professional Drone. One of the many spectators came up to me and was amazed at how my drone was able to fly a pre-programmed flight route and return itself to the exact location in which it took off from while filming in 4K video.  The spectator was so amazed, he said,”Hey, Where Do I Buy a Drone?”  I could tell that this gentleman was ready to buy a drone right now.  I let the man know that the drone I was using was not yet available for purchase.  The Yuneec Typhoon H was a pre-order; unless, you have connections like I do 🙂

I went home thinking about this man’s enthusiasm; which reminded me of my excitement when I first saw a drone fly.  I decided to find a way that I could offer the next person a way to buy a drone if they asked me.  I knew it was just a matter of time before I was asked the question Where to Buy a Drone?  Sure enough, I was out flying and filming two days later and another spectator came up to me and wanted to know where they could buy a drone.  I was prepared.  I took a paper in which I printed a picture of a drone with my web site address and said, “Here take this paper.  The website will have everything you need to purchase your first drone.” The young man says, “Something tells me this was not the first time someone asked you this question.”



I did not build the drone store to get rich.  In fact, I believe I have spent more than I have made thus far.  However, I made the drone store and the drone website because I love drones.  I hope that my website will inspire others to love drones too.

If you would like to help promote drones; please feel free to share my website on your favorite social media website.

In addition to my site, you can purchase drones from nuerous sources.  Retail stores sell drones, online stores sell drones, and the manufactures sell drones.  In addition, there are many small drone stores poppling up around the world.

As technology improves, you will see more and more improvements in drone technology and capabilities.  My hope is that electric battery power will increase so we can keep drones in the air for much longer periods of time, opposed to a typical 20 minutes flight time  Cameras, gimbals, and brushless engines are improving almost daily. I can’t wait for what the future holds for drones and their capabilities. Just imagine a world of drones deliveries mail, pizza, coffee, and even medicine from the pharmacy.  Sounds far-fetched; but, I believe our future will be and is already being impacted by the imaginations of drone lovers. As a natural result, people will want to know, “where do I buy it?”

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