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Learning to Fly a Drone for the First Time


Flying a drone for the first time for a beginner is quite easy. The most difficult thing is to make it stable when being floated in the air. For example, you can make the drone take off, but you can divert it, set the pace and land without a bump? You will not be a proficient drone pilot in just one day. There are many preparations that you should consider and pay attention before flying a quadcopter drone for a beginner pilot.

As a pilot who is still learning how to fly a drone, you will feel worried when you want to fly a drone. You may be afraid of that your drone will fly too high, brought by the wind, hitting something, out of range from the remote control, until stuck in a tree. Read some tips and the best way to fly a drone for a beginner so you can fly it properly.

  1. Guide Book

Read the guide book carefully about how to fly a drone from the product you just bought. Make sure you know the features and limitations of the drone. You have to know all the functions of the transmitter because this is where the drone will be controlled.

  1. Preparations

Make sure your drone is ready to fly and nothing is left behind. Check the transmitter battery and the battery of the drone in full charged. Bring a spare battery and make sure the prop guard is installed correctly.

  1. Do not install the camera

AS a beginner pilot, you’ll learn how to fly a drone without a camera first. Despite the drone is equipped with a camera mounting, it is recommended not to put the camera because you will only learn to fly, it is not for aerial photography or videography. Since if your drone hits something, your camera will probably be damaged.

  1. Find a wide and grassy

A new drone pilot while flying a drone big or small should seek a safe area. In this case, you can choose a spacious place where it does not interfere with your view. Do not forget to look for a grassy area, in order to minimize the possibility of drone broken when it falls.

  1. The dust and wind speed

Dust can come in and contaminate the motor when the drone will take off or landing. If you choose a public area like a football field, make sure that you choose an area that does not have a lot of dust. The wind will be very influential as well, especially for a small-sized drone.

In conclusion, flying a drone can be a fun hobby. Yet, you need to practice how to fly a drone for a beginner so that this hobby will be your favorite hobby and safe for everyone. One thing you have to remember, a professional pilot or amateur pilots will surely get their drone collided with a hard object, lost control due to the wind, running out of battery power, and then it falls. So, as a pilot who is still learning how to fly a drone, do not be too scared about it.

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