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Drone Registration is Now Here!

Uncle Sam wants you to register your drone and you better listen! On October 19, 2015, the Federal Aviation Administration announced that effective December 21, 2015, if your drone weighs .55 lbs or more; you must register it and pay a fee.  “We are certainly seeing a significant increase in reports,” Michael Huerta, administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), said in a press briefing. “Clearly, this is an industry that is taking off, and there is a lot of activity taking place in the national airspace system.”

The concern, quadcopters or drones are now considered a major safety concern.  Drone capabilities are much more advanced than the hobbyst remote-controlled airplane.  Today, radio controlled drones are capable of flying extremely high altitudes using Global Positioning Satellites and streaming high definition video all at the same time. Simply put, drones are able to fly themselves with predetermined flight paths that could include flight paths used by commercial airlines.

The deadline to register your drone is in a few days.  On February 19, 2016, failure to register your drone can result in civil and criminal penalties.  People will be going to jail or paying fines because they did not register their toy drone.  What are your thoughts on this use of Federal Government Intervention?  Leave a comment below!

Who must register?

  • Anyone who is 13 years of age or older.  If you are younger than 13, someone older than 13 must register the drone.
  • American citizens and permanent residents must register their drone.

How to register your drone?

You must go on the Federal Aviation Administration’s website.  Be prepared to spend $5.00  You must have an email address, a physical address, and a credit/debit card to register your drone. The drone registration is valid for 3 years.  After the 3 year period, you must re-register your drone. You can find the drone registration link below.



What are your thoughts on drone registration?

We understand that there are mixed concerns regarding registration of drones.  We see one side of the issue regarding another intervention by the government.  The other side, which is the government’s side is that drones pose a safety risk and need to be accounted for as well as the user educated on certain usage laws before their flights into certain restricted airspace.  Quite frankly, if I am flying on a commercial aircraft and getting ready to land at my destination; the last thing I want to worry about is someone’s drone flying into the engine causing engine failure. I believe most people would agree.  There have been numerous reports of drones flying within a stone’s throw of a commercial aircraft.  In addition, can you imagine if a terrorist gets a hold of a drone and does something to injure innocent people on a commercial airline?  I do not believe an FAA registration will do anything to stop this from occurring.  Therefore, just like gun laws, bad people will always get the items to injure others while not following the laws. Do you think this law and regulation goes to far?  Please respond below!

View more information on drone registration laws:

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