Where to Buy a Drone

Yuneec Typhoon H

I Want a Drone; Where do I Buy it?

I hear this question a lot.  Especially from people who do not really know what a drone is or where to buy a drone. Recently, I was at a client’s job site filming using my Yuneec Typhoon H Professional Drone. One of the many spectators came up to me and was amazed at how my drone was able to fly a pre-programmed flight route and return itself to the exact location in which it took off from while filming in 4K video.  The spectator was so amazed, he said,”Hey, Where Do I Buy a Drone?”  I could tell that this gentleman was ready to buy a drone right now.  I let the man know that the drone I was using was not yet available for purchase.  The Yuneec Typhoon H was a pre-order; unless, you have connections like I do 🙂 read more

LHI Emax Carbon Fiber Drone Kit

LHI Drone

  • LHI Emax Pure Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame
  • CC3D Flight Controller
  • MT2204 2300KV Motor
  • Simonk 12A ESC
  • 6030 CF Propeller Prop

Have fun building your own Carbon Fiber Quadcopter.  This quadcopter has many wonderful features including a pure carbon fiber frame, Simon K firmware, low-voltage protection with an integrated over-heat protection as well as self-check functions.  The LHI Emax comes with a separate power supply for MCU & BEC to protect against magnetic interference. read more