AEE Toruk AP10


We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to purchasing a drone. Let us introduce you to the AEE Toruk AP10 Quadcopter.  The AP10 is a wonderful drone for beginners through advanced drone pilots.  One of the main features I love about this drone is the built-in 16-megapixel camera with 1080p video capabilities. The camera is integrated into the drone making photography very easy. The camera controls are located on the top right of the radio control making filming easy.  Set the drone to autopilot mode using GPS and the drone will hover in place allowing you to focus on the camera and not the flying. read more

AEE AP10 Drone Cross Wind Troubles and Recovery

AEE Ap10 Toruk

The AEE AP10 is not meant to fly with strong winds.  This was evident while trying to fly the drone in light to medium wind conditions.  The drone just did not have enough power to combat the winds.  At several times, the drone was drifting away, pushed by the winds.  However, if this should occur while you are flying, bring the drone down a bit lower and try to bring it home. read more