3D Robotics IRIS PLUS Brushless Gimbal Bundle

3D Robotics IRIS PLUS

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3D Robotics IRIS PLUS

One of our favorite drones is made by 3D Robotics. This drone comes with an amazing 2-axis gimbal system. Pair that with a huge flight battery and you are going to get outstanding videography time. This drone comes with what is called the Pixhawk autopilot system.

Pixhawk Autopilot System

What is this Pixhawk system I keep hearing about?  Well, if you are serious about flying drones, having an autopilot feature is a must have.  The Pixhawk allows the user to utilize an advanced pilotless system which will land itself and virtually pilot itself.  These electronics are full of advanced processors and sensors which integrate into real-time operation.  You are going to receive high performance, reliable flight controls, and the safe feeling you get when controlling an autonomous drone.

Open Box; Begin Flying

Folks, it is that simple!  Open the box, unwrap the drone, put in the batteries, switch power to on, and off you go! With the 3D Robotics Irish Plus, you can worry less about flying and concentrate on your aerial camera systems.

Follow The Leader

Another funtastic feature of the 3D Robotics Irish Plus is the follow-me mode.  As long as you have a GPS enabled device; your Iris Plus will automatically follow and film you.  This drone will even adjust the gimbal to make sure you are always the center of attention.


Mission Planning

Utilizing the droid planning software, you can plan your trips ahead of time.SImply draw your flying route or flight path on the map, save your route and let the 3D Robotics Iris Plus take care of the rest. Have a point of interest in mind while you planned your flight?  No problem!  You can even tell the Iris Plus what object to focus on while flying the predetermined flight path.

Manufacturer Specs:


• Ready-to-Fly IRIS+
• Transmitter
• 3DR telemetry radio
• Micro USB cable
• Android OTG cable
• Set of tall legs for IRIS+
• 5100mAh 3S battery
• LiPo charger
• Manual and flight checklist


Maximum payload: 400 g (.8 lb) payload capacity
Flight time: 16-22 minutes depending on payload
Height: 100 mm
Motor-to-motor dimension: 550 mm
Weight with battery: 1282 g


Autopilot hardware: Next generation 32-bit Pixhawk with Cortex M4 processor
GPS: uBlox GPS with integrated magnetometer
Controller: Any PPM compatible RC unit, Preconfigured FlySky FS-TH9x RC
Telemetry: 3DR Radio 915mHz or 433mHz


Propellers: (2) 9.5 x 4.5 tiger motor multi-rotor self-tightening counterclockwise rotation, (2) 9.5 x 4.5 tiger motor multi-rotor self-tightening clockwise rotation
Motors: 950 kV
GPS: uBlox GPS with integrated magnetometer
Mounts: Integrated GoPro camera mount with vibration dampener
Optional: Tarot brushless gimbal with custom IRIS+ mounting kit
Battery: 5100 mAh 3S


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3D Robotics IRIS PLUS

3D Robotics IRIS PLUS

Propulsion System


Aerodynamic Design


Modular Upgrade-able Platform


Live HD View





  • Pixhawk Autopilot System
  • Auto Follow
  • GPS Auto-pilot
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